For beginners or false beginners. This program of 3h each class is made for hard workers highly motivated to learn properly and 3 times faster than a normal class of 1h. It also focuses on details and enhanced knowledge. It's like a year of normal classes but in only a few weeks.

Duration: 27h to 36h

3 hours a day, once a week, during 9 to 12 weekends depending the session.

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This program will teach you how to dance in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere but with more time than one of our accelerated program.

Duration: Once a week during 1 hour

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YouDance is a group of people who love to dance and are involved into promoting salsa, bachata and other dances. Through classes and events, YouDance connects passionate learners with major actors of the dancing world. Dancing offers you joy, happiness and self-satisfaction. It is also a wonderful opportunity to expand your social circle!